Dress Up Your Pet Day

If you secretly want to suit up Bowser in a bow-tie or deck out Fifi in a fluffy tutu but don’t consider yourself on of those people who gleefully assign animals human traits by way of scaled-down and silly pet clothing, today is your day! On January 14th of each year you have an excuse, a raison d’etre, if you will, to dress your dog, cat or other critter up in whatever you please, no questions asked! Officially Dress Up Your Pet Day, this Friday will be fabulous with a parade of pet costumes to keep use amused!When you first imagine putting an animal in a pet costume, those little “purse dogs” come to mind. These are the little toy and teacup poodles, Chihuahuas, Shitzus, Maltese, pugs and designer mixes that seemed to be created for nothing more that dressing up in a pet costume and toting about for grins. Probably the biggest increase in interest in dressing dogs up like Barbie dolls and outfitting entire wardrobes of pink, sparkly outfits started nearly a decade ago was with celebutantes like Paris Hilton and their seemingly endless supply of little dogs in dresses and tiaras.

There are two paths to travel down when it comes to dressing up your dog. There is the practical and then there is the over-the-top frivolous. A practical costume for your dog might be a knitted sweater or a wool coat for cold weather, even a little set of four protective booties if the paws will be in contact with snow and ice. Other practical dog clothing includes rain jackets, life preservers, UV-protective layers and more.For the frivolous, anything goes in a pet costume. Some outfits are clothing that is inspired by the garments of humans such as evening gowns, blue jeans and even leather biker jackets! Other pet costumes are just that – costumes. You can find all types of Halloween costumes for your pet that would be fun any time of the year. Some pet costumes are based on popular characters and real people from pop culture such as Elvis, Superman, Sponge Bob Squarepants and more. Other ensembles cover all the costume basics such as ghosts, witches, butterflies, and more while other pet costumes are comical such as a hotdog costume or a “watch” dog. Whichever way you go for this Dress Up Your Pet Day, your pet be making tongues wag!